The Room….

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The room was dark as dark could be
but filled with hope and no dearth of glee.
The air so clean so untouched and free
where was I is wat troubled me.

There were no walls nor beautiful drapes
t’was just closed with wide open gates.
How could it be? from my mind it escapes.
So I follow my nose to see where it takes.

All I could see was food n a bed,
still I had no clue where the room led.
Could feel the silence as if someone was dead,
but then I heard sounds like something fled.

I felt I was travelling briskly away.
what was I covering time or the way?
Quickly I gather it wasnt the way,
coz I saw myself growing to grey.

As I lay there in the journey with the room,
The darkness was consumed by greed n gloom
by love n grief with wither n bloom.
Alas! there was no stopping this polluting doom.

Now I was searching for space to stand at ease
where once I stood gazing at empty peace.
The room was crowded with filth and malice.
I wanted to shout “Stop this god, please”.

But t’was too late to call the holy one
cuz it can’t be stopped once begun.
The room once dirty can’t be undone
is the truth of the journey to oblivion.

Like a call from the mighty god rings a bell.
my eyes shift to the reality from that hell
gasping for breath not knowing what to tell
all I could hope was all to go well.

Again I thought what made me blind?
How could I leave myself behind?
Why didn’t I see all the beauty and kind?
While I was in that room, which was My mind.

THE JOURNEY OF MY MIND FROM BIRTH( A Dark Unpolluted gleeful room) TO NOW……


Home… Chris daughtry

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“… I’ve not always been the best man and friend for you
But your love remains true and I don’t know why
You always seem to give me another try
I’m going home
To the place where I belong …”

Iris… Goo Goo Dolls

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“…And I don´t want the world to see me
´Cause I don´t think that they´d understand
When everything´s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I  am…”


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“..So lock up your daughter

And lock up your wife

Lock up your back door

And run for your life

The man is back in town

So don’t you mess around…”


Wish You were Here…. Pink Floyd

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“…We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have you found? The same old fears.. “


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As I was sitting in my balcony at two in the night, with my laptop in hand and wondering what I should do. And guess what my mind said…. FACEBOOK!!.. duh!  … So then, I log on to facebook and as I wait for the page to load, I watch the starlit sky through the polluted air of Chennai.. the dust.. the lights.. the smoke.. WAIT!.. looking through the smoke? That seems familiar.. hmm.. I wondered.. but then I heard a “DING” on my laptop and there I was online on facebook and sumone had just pinged me. I replied saying I was busy n logged out . That’s when my eyes just got stuck to the side of the facebook page which reminds you to socialize. The middle right section of the page, which was now reading

“ Aryan Unnikrishnan

Reconnect with him

Send him a message”

So, it was facebook and I being a slave to facebook had to obey the command. I made an attempt to reconnect with the enigma. An attempt all my friends have discouraged me from doing. An attempt that’s never brought me any good. An attempt which at times, becomes a necessary evil. So there it was, my mouse cursor slowly crawling towards the link that separated me from him and ironically the one which connected me to him. “CLICK”. My mind started shuffling memories faster than the browser, retrieving data from the million files to try and load the requested page.

“Ashwiiii.. puzhakadavil povaam?.. kolaaa.. nee para.. povaam?”( ashwii.. lets go to the  river bank.. kolaa.. u say.. we’ll go?) said that babylike voice with his horrible Malayalam on the night before the maths exam during the 2nd semester. And in fact we did go to the river bank that night and spent time talking and looking at the same starlit sky through a tinge of smoke, lying on the sand shore, unscathed by the fact that the toughest maths exam was gonna come our way in a few hours. Such was that guy I thought. Such a free soul. The first time I met him at my coaching centre four years back, knowing him as a guy many girls looked forward to befriending. A guy who never showed any concern about studies but always came on the top, no one knew how.

The memories kept shuffling.

He was lying near me on the adjacent bed in our room.

“ Eda ashwii.. when I die.. don’t light candles.. light cigarettes all around..that to scissors.. he he he he”(something he kept repeating until he was hushed for ever)

And I used to say “ You wont complete four years of btech you idiot.. I will kill you if you say stuff like that again!”

My brain was running , my heart responding to it by beating at its best…

Everyone was playing anthakshari..

And he has to start the song. With a little bit of ahemm.. ummm.. uhhh.. and clearing his throat he starts.. “ I am sixteeeeen.. going on seventeeeen… dil kyun yeh dhak dhak kare..” with his deliberately made irritating voice that he used to bug us with during anthakshari…

Then a few muscles on my face moved…A smile from I dunno where… A smile more honest than any I had after November the 26th 2009…

Suddenly a small drop of water hit my face…It started raining in Chennai for the first time since my arrival… My mind comes back to the reality… The harsh reality which struck like the villain ruining the bright happy glow of a fairy tale… I accepted it by giving back a drop of water… Just a drop through my eyes in return to the drop that sacrificed itself for bringing me out of my memories to the brutal reality…I looked around… It was dark… No sign of power anywhere… everything from my modem to my fan was dead… Just a small light from my laptop screen lit my face… I looked at the screen which showed…


With shock and grief I shut my laptop and looked up at the sky and said “ Today you won… but don’t you think the attempt is going to stop… ever”…


I Disappear.. METALLICA

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“…Do you bury me when I’m gone?
Do you teach me while I’m here?
Just as soon as I belong, then it’s time I disappear..”